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Date: 5/16/10 Host: Chris Falvey
Tags: guitar, drumsLinks: Pics | Official Site | Amazon | Taproot | Tickets
It's hard to believe that 13 years have passed since this band started, and they are still rocking strong! They are practically veterans! With such staying power, how could they not be our new Featured Band!? Not to mention, their new album "Plead the Fifth" was released on May 11th, and has a little something for everyone!

Congrats To SQUID. Winner of the Signed CD and T-shirt for having, what the band thought, was the best question!

PQ1 Video Interview:

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Questions Asked (11):

Where did the band get the idea to be named Taproot?
You've been rockin for 13 years with a new album out this month. Where do you see the band in another 13 years?
what are your best and worst concert experiances?(onstage, fans,just whatever)
Being a member of Taproot, how do you feel about carrots, turnips and other root vegetables?
What song has the most meaning to you?
What Taproot song has the most meaning to you?
what inspired you to write fractured?
having been together so long...who are some of your idols that you have gotten to meet? we're you disappointed with how they actually were, cause some bands aren't who they claim to be?
Hey taproot, we have a saying in Australia "You can't beet a root!" Beetroot being a vegetable and root being a slang term for sex. What do you think of that as a band motto?
You guys have been around for so long and toured so many places, is there somewhere you'd like to tour that you haven't been yet? and if you could choose who would be your dream opening band? Taproot for life!!
how often do you guys get to just chill out and relax at home?